Hello Beautiful People. Welcome to Luxe!

I am Kimberly, Owner/Founder of Luxe Artisan Preserves. A Child of God. Mommy. Doctor. Sibling. Trusted Friend. Auntie. I'm also a published author, certified life coach, former university professor and award-winning nurse executive and clinician.

Nevertheless, I've always been a creative at heart and hold a deep-rooted passion for food. As early as age 6, I began my training as a “flavor connoisseur”–I spent hours helping Big Mama harvest fruits and vegetables from our urban garden to be freshly cooked or preserved. This is where my passion ignited for understanding the intricacies of flavor. It is also where I learned early on that being in the kitchen is more than putting ingredients in a pot. Food is love and is often found at the center of life’s most intimate moments–thus, it is to be respected at all costs.

Luxe Artisan Preserves offers a collection of small-batch, hand-crafted preserves infused with herbs and alcohol. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of flavor so that you can add luxury to your most intimate life moments. Throughout my life, I’ve always been a bit of rebel going against “standards” set for women and, more specifically Black women. The rebel in me often shows up in the kitchen through the stories that I allow each flavor profile to tell. 

Thank you for choosing Luxe Artisan Preserves. It is a privilege, and honor, to know that you have made the decision to extend an invitation for us to be a part of your most intimate life moments. There is nothing more exciting than this! 

I look forward to seeing, and engaging, with you often. Welcome to the family. Godspeed.

With Luxe,