Luxe is a taste that is so rich, rewarding and flavorful that I almost feel that I am transported to a high-end restaurant or trip! 

Eric, Foodie

As a foodie and sensory scientist, the bar set for my taste buds is pretty high, especially when it comes to artisinal products. Luxe has nailed it! I can't wait to purchase more to accompany my wine and cheese plate when entertaining!

Jhaelynn, Food Scientist

I'm not a big "preserves" person, however, I wanted to try something new and give a friend a neat Mother's Day gift. The pear + rosemary + brandy jam is amazing. The taste was so rich and delicious. I ended up keeping both jars and buying my friends flowers instead. 

K'Sandra, Socialite

The pear + rosemary + motu is superb with vibrant flavoring, great texture. It hits the palate just right! I've used it on bread, crackers, and chicken breast. Looking forward to trying other flavors. Every kitchen needs a collection of Luxe Artisan Preserves!

Tiffany, Foodie

"We took Luxe to a dinner party and they were a hit! We paired them with Brie and Right Bank Bordeaux blend. The preserves were perfectly balanced and sophisticated...just the right amount of sweetness with a smooth consistency."

George, Sommelier/World Traveler