The Luxe Holiday Box

The Luxe Holiday Box

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Ready to transform the way you experience your favorite holiday meals or share an unique gift with those you love? Look no further than The Luxe Holiday Box!

The Luxe Holiday Box  contains three of Luxe Artisan Preserves signature flavor profiles: 

blackberry + basil + brandy

Ingredients: blackberries, organic cane sugar, basil, apple brandy and lemon juice. CONTAINS LESS THAN 0.5% ALCOHOL.

cherry + rose +liqueur

 Ingredients: cherries, organic cane sugar, cherry liqueur, rose buds, lemon juice. CONTAINS LESS THAN 0.5% ALCOHOL. 

pear + rosemary + motu viget

Ingredients: pears, organic cane sugar, rosemary, sparkling wine, lemon juice, edible 24K gold flakes. CONTAINS LESS THAN 0.5% ALCOHOL. 

All products are: Natural. Free of additives and/or preservatives. Small batch. Artisinal. Made with love.