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Love is in the air! However, before we can be a giver (or receiver) of love, we must first make a commitment to love ourselves. This box will be curated to join you wherever you are on your journey of love. 

At Luxe, the phrase "self-love" is more than just a cliche. In fact, Luxe Artisan Preserves was built upon the Founder/Owner betting on herself and her passion--one of the many ways that she chose to love herself.

If you're looking for an unique, artisan, high-quality gift this is it!


3 signature Luxe Aristan Preserves**: three of Luxe Artisan Preserves signature flavor profiles will be selected by the Founder/Owner.

The Luxe "Card Deck": over a dozen ideas on how to use Luxe Artisan Preserves with your favorite dishes. Just pull a card and have some fun!

"I Affirm" Deck: A beautiful collection of affirmations that can be integrated into your journey of self-love. Gather with your girlfriends around a charcuterie board and read them aloud. Keep them on your nightstand. Stick them in your vehicle. Whatever you do, be sure to keep them close. They've been uniquely made for you. 

Decorative keepsakes: Think rose petals, crystals and pearls! It'll be a pleasant surprise!

**each flavor profile is hand-crafted, with careful selection of fresh ingredients. Flavor profiles chosen will depend upon the quality of ingredients available. Current flavor profile options may include: 

blackberry + basil + brandy: blackberries, organic cane sugar, basil, apple brandy, orange juice and lemon juice.

cherry + rose + liqueur: cherries, organic cane sugar, rose buds, lemon juice, cherry liqueur. 

pear + rosemary + motu viget:  pears, organic cane sugar, rosemary, sparkling wine, lemon juice, 24K edible gold flakes. 

raspberry + mint + coffee liqueur: raspberries, organic cane sugar, mint, coffee liqueur, lemon juice. 

Small-batch. Fresh ingredients. No additives. No preservatives. Made with love.